Moneta Method is a SCAM!!!

Moneta Method

Moneta Method Is SCAM

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Many visitors asked us about the Moneta Method in the last few weeks, it looks like this is the new viral SCAM! This is not a positive review of any kind, this is a warning! Many advertisers are blasting the masses with annoying email swipes, convincing and manipulating you to join and become one of theLucky Beta Testers”, sure!! This sales tactic is very common and it does make sense to test your software with a few people, but not when you’re creative mass campaigns to solicit your fraud offer, such as what we’re seeing now with this new Moneta Method SCAM. This is nothing but a prank method to make money online by the alleged software SEO, Stanley Williams. By the way this name is very common but if this guy was anyone special, we would surely find him in a Google search or anything linked to him besides this worthless virtual junk.

What is so special about theSpecial Video Message”? we’ve seen the same voice actors literally reading from the same script, just change a few words and you got yourself another scam. Moneta and all the similar offers are damaging the reputation of our binary options industry. Our goal is to make sure that everyone stays away from MonetaMethod, it’s not worth it! You will lose everything! Help us warn others by sharing this review and by commenting and letting the world know that this is nothing but pure deception.

Notice that on the website they carefully word some statementsRecently Laura Knowles joined us as a beta-tester Below you can see the LIVE results Laura is making right NOW”, so does it mean that everyone get to generate a flawless ITM performance?

V “Miracleperformance butLaura”, so does it mean that all of us will get 100% ITM?


The promises are reasonable this time unlike some of the other scams we previously reviews, on the website: they are not offering you a million in 27 days or anything that we consider completely ridiculous. However we still managed to identify fake actors in this presentation and with a few complaints, it’s safe to say that if you’ve been a positive Moneta Method Review, they are lying to you. Here is some examples of paid actors, “Nancy Meyer”, “Patrick Harper” & “Gerald Richards” . They also used a picture of a dead woman and they called herJoyce Mitchellwhich is purely disgusting. Why would you use a picture of a dead woman to promote your BS website? They seem to have done a great job with making sure that the first pictures of the beta testers are by Fiverr actors, but why post a picture of a deceased lady?

If you are absolutely new to online trading or to binary options you must do everything you can to avoid the email solicitation campaigns and the over-night blogs that are posting positive reviews for every new scam that comes out, such as the Moneta Method and you’ll notice a few websites advertising this worthless software, but no website with real authority in this industry will promote this type of scam and we find it hard to believe that any broker with dignity will ‘sync upwith the folks who are behind this plan to steal money from traders! If they are synced with the bogus site, the brokers are also a scam and collaborators as any logical person can assume. Reputable brokers will never work with a software that might damage their reputation, especially if they are licensed and EU regulated.

You got to ‘play it safe’, especially if you are new to the binary options field. It’s rewarding and exciting to become a day-trader, but many advertisers take advantage of the enthusiasm and point you in all the wrong directions. Before you get ahead of yourself, maybe you can spend a day or two trading on a Free Demo Account. Then after you are ready to get serious, it’s time to join a fully EU regulated broker and you can also refer to WatchDog’s recommended brokers such as Topoption and Anyoption. If you are interested in alternatives to this useless software by a person who doesn’t exist, “Stanley Williams”, visit our Recommended Binarni Možnosti Signalov, not may services make it there.

Končno, if you do have questions or anything to share with the world concerning the Moneta Method scam, we welcome you to post your comments below. This fraud is part of our Binarni Možnosti Prevare list as of this point. Let’s put them out of business!

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