Snapcash Binary Review


The internet is full of write ups and videos all trying to show you how to make money. This seems to be the topic that interests everyone. Discussions about money have always generated an aura of mixed emotions. We ask ourselves a lot of questions when trying to devolve the truth about these schemes. Is it true? Does it really work? Whom should I trust? Well it is generally a good thing to be concerned especially when they talk of absurd amounts of money acquired in a very short period of time. Some of these schemes are known to work while others, well, let us just say, are out to make money from you instead.


So what should you look out for before investing in one of these schemes? This is a question that crops up on everybody`s mind the minute they realize that not all that glitters is gold. Let us take a look at one of the schemes.

What is Snapcash Binary?

If you are all about trading and making money then you must have heard of Well, it`s a trading application software designed by a coder called Austin Ford. He claims that his software can help you make millions of dollars in incredibly easy trades.


Snapcash Software review.

At first glance of the Snapcash binary dashboard, there is not much information for the visitors to work with. Instead, one is ushered to sign up to access more information. The system works by offering its subscribers trade or option contracts for purchase. It also has an auto trade option that does the purchasing automatically. On accepting a trade, you actually purchase a contract based on recommendations. Ford`s line of thought is that you stand a high chance of making a fortune if you go against the grain as everyone uses the same brokers. With full confidence, he places the success rate or ITM ratio at 96%. However, this software is not unique in any way, actually, the same software has been used by previous scammers like Gemini 2 and the Quantum code. With a little re-branding, this fact can easily escape your eye and you wouldn’t notice anything.

IS it legit?

Well here is a number of reasons why Snapcash binary is an obvious scam, aside from the obviously staged video with actors who do little to hide the fact that everything is staged, you would agree that a speculated guess of 96% as the ITM ratio is a little farfetched. Legit businesses that openly trade in goods and services are nowhere near this kind of figure.

You will also notice the software is floated as a free to use software, however, what they don’t bring upfront is the fact that you will not be allowed to trade without depositing at least USD 250 upfront. Basically this means that you can`t tell whether the system works for sure, until you spend your cash. At this juncture, it is already too late to get your money back.




On visiting the site, you will be welcomed by the standard video on how the system has made fortunes for a lot of people. The host will then continue to explain how the system works and thereafter invite you for a trip to the streets while driving the standard flashy car synonymous in all other similar videos. He is out to prove that his system works and therefore plans to try it out with a random stranger on the streets. If you are keen, from the onset, you will notice that he is trying too hard to make you believe he is living large.

The test subjects as Ford calls them are paid actors who do little to hide the fact that they are acting. Everything looks rehearsed from the onset. One of the actors who pose as a test subject can easily be identified from a previous scam where he posed as a software developer. This in itself just proves that the testimonials are nothing to go by. The test subjects are mere actors who are paid to play their specific roles.

The reviews on the snapcash website should not be trusted either. When you observe keenly, you will notice that some of the photos used in the reviews are stock photos that have been obtain from the net. This leaves little if any trust to believe what they post as their bank statements on this website.


How Snapcash really works.

Ford and his affiliates bank on you to make your first deposit so they can earn a commission. With every deposit made to an unregulated broker, they earn an affiliate commission. They know that the software doesn’t work and couldn’t care less if you lose your cash. The software is just there to convince you that they have a system that works.  All they care about is that you make that first deposit so they can earn from it. Once you deposit your money with the broker, you stand no chance at getting it back. They on the other hand laugh all the way to the bank.



Snap cash is a horrible scam that is designed to manipulate people to deposit their hard earned money only to lose it through software that doesn’t really work. It’s always best to do an extensive research on such schemes to avoid losing money. Remember, as technology evolves, so do the fraudsters. They learn new ways of stealing from you with minimal risk.

Overall, the best way to avoid being scammed and make your cash at the same time is to develop your own strategy then use it to trade. You will face a lot of challenges on the way but will also learn a lot while at it. Eventually with enough experience, you will be able to take bigger risks and make solid judgments on how to invest your money and what identify risks that are worth taking.

If you are to take up any advice, let it be from a credible source like family or friends who have used the system themselves and know beyond any reasonable doubt that their system works.


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  2. Thanks for the advice and after the watching the video i was tempted but now i know.
    Thanks once again for saving Africans like who want make second salary.

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