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7 Figure Months

7 Figure Months Is SCAM

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Është me rëndësi që ju të lexoni këtë shumë e rëndësishme të paanshëm shqyrtimin në 7 Figura Muaj SCAM duke pretenduar Martin Saunders. This is regretfully not the auto trader that is going to make you a millionaire within a month, we are aware that Martin claims this is the case, but we will be providing you with evidence that will expose the 7 Figure Months software for the bogus system it is. Therefore it is paramount that you do not at any time register your details on the 7FigureMonths.com website to get access to this software.

This so-called Martin Saunders, the owner of this ludicrous 7 Figure Months scam is making some very bold claims throughout the presentation. We sadly cannot go into details on how exactly this system is supposed to make you no less than a million dollars a month, as no details were provided. The only excuse we got as to why we cannot know how the 7 figure months software works, is for the reason that he cannot risk the banks and exchanges finding out about the loophole he has been exploiting, in fear of them shutting it down. For anyone that ever watches a pitch video about an auto trader that claims they cannot tell you how it works should have red flags going up in their heads, and the first question you should ask yourself is, why on earth would I invest in something that I have no idea how it operates?


Now for the actual fun part, looking at all the damning evidence we were able to gather for our review on the 7 Figure Months scam. Parë të të gjitha, Mr Martin Saunders does not exist, we were unable to find any ounce of truth behind the face or the name. The only thing you find when you try to look up who the true Martin is, you find more reviews about this fake system. Për më tepër, we are sure you all noticed the very bad actress halfway through the production of the 7 figure months software, it might not come as a surprise to some of you, but she is also the same lady that was used in our Nesdek App review that we did not too long ago. Not only that, notice the date on her account, the 8th June 2016, however we did a quick search on who.is to verify if the system has been around for the amount of time claimed by Mr. Saunders, and yet again what we have found does not add up. E 7 Figure Months domain name was only registered on the 26th June 2016, meaning there is no way that Michelle could have traded with the auto trader for a month to get the results she has gotten.

One thing that nagged us a little bit, which no doubt made no sense to some of our readers as well, is the fact that just after about half way through the 7 Figure Months scam presentation the audio goes terribly wrong. If you ask us, if Martin was truly a millionaire and has made over twelve million over the past year (which we know he hasn’t due the domain registration date) surely he can afford decent production equipment. The truth of the matter is, is that there is no way you will be able to earn $35k a day, or a million a month with the 7 Figure Months software, or any other binary options software out there. Unless you have an account with tens of thousands in already, we can guarantee you that those amounts are way out of your reach with the brokers minimum deposit requirement.


Truth be told, any auto trader such as the 7 figure months scam that claims to work on a loophole should be approached with extreme caution, as chances are they are not legit, and that they truly are just another scam being released. E 7 figure months software is one that can supposedly be shut down as soon as tomorrow if someone with the banks or exchanges finds the glitch that allow the auto trader to operate. This should already prove to you that you are dealing with a scam, because systems that truly are trusted and legit don’t have to hide behind anything, and there is nothing that is instantly going to shut them down. The other thing that you have to think about as well is, why risk it, why invest your money with a system that could be gone within minutes.

Scam systems like the 7 Figure Months software come around again and again. They make very big bold statements of making your immensely rich in a very short space of time, by trying to sell you the dream of living a luxurious life. The truth is that is not instantly possible within the binary options industry, it takes time, patients, and the right auto trading system if that is the route you wish to take. Trading binary options can bring you a consistent profitable income, but only if you follow the top day traders of today, and ensure you do not register with scams such as the 7 Figure Months scam. One more point to put the cherry on top of the cake, notice the trades on the second part of the 7FigureMonths.com website, note the date on all of them are from 2014, which we all know is obviously fabricated as the system was only registered in 2016.

Rishikimi I Vendimit: 7 Figura Muaj është një SCAM!!

Blacklisted e internetit – 7FigureMonths.com

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 In case you’ve been the victim of any of the above scams we exposed or other online related fraud sites, feel free to contact us directly at admin@binaryoptionswatchdog.trade and we’ll gladly assist you. Those who registered with 7FigureMonths.com, are welcome to share their performance results and experience below this review, your feedback is highly important to us and other members of the binary options community.

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