Pasqyrë Tregtar është një SCAM!! Rishikimi i bazuar në Fakte!

Pasqyrë Tregtar

Mirror Trader Is SCAM

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Koncepti mund të jetë tërheqës për disa, por Pasqyrë Tregtar është asgjë, por një SCAM. Read this review and we can guarantee that you will think twice about the lied you’ve been told by the unknown John Harrison, alleged CEO of this bogus software. This is an entirely new system that is currently being promoted by shady email spammers for the most part. Sadly we are already receiving complaints by members who lost money, therefore we highly recommend that you read our full Mirror Trader Review before entering your details on the website, as sadly results are not living up to the amounts promised in the presentation.

First of all let’s start off by proving that making $14k per day, or just under a million dollars per month with the exact same Mirror Trader software used by John is nothing but a lie. The website was only officially registered on the 26th June 2016, making it a full 2 days old. Secondly John is claiming that his auto trader works with super-fast data servers between the markets and his system, and that mere milliseconds could determine whether you win or lose the trade. The idea is that any trades placed in John’s Mirror Trader scam master account, gets duplicated into your account, and this is not affected by the internet. Well this is where we call his bluff, it is up to each trader to switch on their own copy of the software and set the settings accordingly, if your internet connection is particularly slow, it will take time to send and receive data to the auto trader, allowing for more than milliseconds to get the trade wrong.

“John Harrison” is the same actor from the Push Money App we previously exposed!


John Harrison explains the Mirror Trader Scam working by basically mirroring whatever trade he places in his “master” account gets reflected in your “slave” account. This is all done by his supper advanced high tech network connections. That might all sound very couture actually if it wasn’t for John who actually talked himself out of this auto trader actually working. The story goes that he used to own his own company providing Computer Networks to big Banks and traders on Wall Street. It is at this point whilst analyzing their trades he realized that should the connection have been faster the profits would have been bigger. He then set out to improve his current OC3 optical carrier that he was supplying to his clients to a cutting edge OC192, basically upgrading from a crop duster to a F22 Raptor in his words. Whilst all of this might sound like it is basically all over the place, and you are unsure as to what you understand about the Mirror Trader software, or what is just too confusing to make any sense. This is where we step in, during this review we will be going over all of the above and set out why this is a scam, and why Mr Harrison actually has no idea what he is going himself.

Regrettably nothing is counting toward John in our review of his Mirror Trader Scam. If you listen carefully to the whole of the presentation regarding the auto trader, there is actually no surprise that none of it makes any sense. The way Mr. Harrison explains it has absolutely nothing to do with binary options trading at all. He is referring a lot to timing is crucial and closing trades on the exact point where it will profit the most. This to us sounds like he is pitching a Forex system, as there is no such thing as closing the trade at the most profitable point. In binary options you have to preselect your expiry time, and once this has been set there is no getting out, without selling your position at the loss of a few dollars.

Our thoughts are that whoever behind the Mirror Trader scam has purposely written the script in such a way to confuse potential traders in thinking they know what they are talking about, when all they actually did is just throw a few big words and explanations around. Here is one example that you are dealing with a scammer and noting more. When you scroll down to the so called traders that have already registered and profited with the Mirror Trader software, have a look at the gentleman by the name of Patrik Holub, notice this guy? Chances are most of you will notice him as the famous Tony Robinson, and we can guarantee you that he most certainly is not associated with some lame binary options auto traders claiming to make people millionaires in as little as three months. He is not the only one, you might also recognize some of the faces from other scam reviews we did not too long ago such as Insured Outcome and Profit Maker. The reasons mentioned above is exactly why it is important to know all the details regarding the particular system you are looking at before registering with your details.

Rishikimi I Vendimit: Pasqyrë Tregtar është një SCAM!

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We can only hope that after looking into the facts presented in this review, you will think twice before wasting time and money with a worthless money stealing machine. If you’ve been victimized by an unlicensed brokers, corrupt signals providers or any company associated with online trading, feel free to email us directly at [email protected], and we’ll gladly guide you free of charge. Our goal is to put scams such as Mirror Trader out of business, but we also work hard to evaluate reliable trading solutions.

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