Moderne Fitim Profesor është një SCAM!! Të Ndershëm Të Shqyrtimit!

Modern Profit Professor

Modern Profit Professor Is SCAM

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In a way we suppose we have to be thankful to scams such as the Modern Profit Professor software aka MPP being released on almost a daily basis, without scam sites like that our work load would be much less. However saying that, we would be thankful if they could at least tone it down and release less at a time. So without further ado, we recommend that you read our full Modern Profit Professor Review to see the facts as to why this auto trader cannot be trusted, and why it would be better for your bank account to stay as far away from

Marco Adessi is the CEO and presenter of the Modern Profit Professor scam that can be seen in the video. The story we are hearing this time tries to yet again play on your emotional cords and get you to fall for the sob story. Marco used to work in telemarketing until he met his new best friend called Harrison Glass, who then offered him a job at a Hedge Fund firm. He of course then learn the ticks of the trade to trading and very quickly made it big. His friend Harrison passed away a few months ago, and wanting to keep his legacy of giving alive, he is now offering each person landing on the Modern Profit Professor software website a chance of striking it big. Sounds familiar?? To some of you it will, as this is a very common story used among many scammers.

Shaming you into making a deposit, cheap psychological tricks!


Now let’s have a further look as to why the Modern Profit Professor auto trader is nothing more than just another scam. We sadly found all the familiar things you would find whilst looking at a scam system, it is almost as if they don’t learn from their mistakes. Take the fake spots available in the bottom left corner for example, this has purely been placed there as a fear tactic, making you feel if you do not act now you will lose your spot. However if you refresh your page, notice how it starts at the top again before counting down again, and you can refresh your page as much as you want, it does the same every time. So how true can it be that the Modern Profit Professor only has âœxâamount of spaces left….

Looking further into the details for our Modern Profit Professor Review we noticed some very bald claims that they were acknowledged and endorsed by so called big news sites, such as the Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, and the Empire Magazine. However when you venture over to all their website, you soon come to realise that there is nothing even closely related to the Modern Profit Professor scam listed or mentioned anywhere!! Surely if this was truly such a free giving software given to traders out of the goodness of Marco Adessi’s heart, it would be listed everywhere.

Sadly the above issues we have found with the MPP software are not the only ones. We found yet further proof that this auto trader cannot be trusted, and that it has purely been put together by scammers. Për shembull, when you listed very closely to Marco during his big sales pitch, you can clearly hear him say that he has been using the very system he is offering you today for no less than two and a half years, and have become a billionaire during this time. Regrettably when you venture over to and double check his statements that he so baldly made, you soon realise that it nothing more than a lie, and that the website was only registered on the 10th July 2016, making it just over a month old, not even two months yet. Still think you are getting the exact same software to the one he is using. Why are we not surprised? Should we continue with this review?

Regretfully, we are yet again faced with actors during the Modern Profit Professor scam presentation. The so called testimonials, or trusted reviews that you are seeing these these actors are the worst kind, as they are most certainly not the ones to be trusted. When you have a look at the first guy doing his presentation, he is actually quite the celebrity in binary options now as being used in scam systems, clearly is getting tired of the job due to his shitty expressions his face whist talking into the camera. But if you are not sure, you are most welcome to see him perform in our Maximus Profits scam review among many others.

Trading systems such as the Modern Profit Professor software are kinda becoming the norm, and this is half the reason why we are fighting as we are, and that is to keep stopping these scam systems from becoming the norm, and traders being hoaxed out of their money. When you see the kind of things that we have mentioned during our review, i.e fiverr actors, registration dates, false claims ect, it is time to stop and think, because you are about to lose your money if you fall for the scare tactics, and the pressure tactics. The best advise we can offer you is to always ensure you do your research and know what you are signing up for, make sure there are proven results going around on the internet, on Youtube, wherever you can find it, that is the only way to stay safe, and invest into systems that are proven to work. If you are still not convinced at this point, Google this system and you’ll find similar reviews, pointing to the same obvious facts!

Rishikimi I Vendimit: Moderne Fitim Profesor është një SCAM!

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Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected], for help with disputes and complaints against any of the above scams. Do not waste your time, energy and money on and similar fraud sites that are out there to play mental tricks on you instead of helping you increase your winning rate with binary options. If you are searching for better alternatives, we encourage you to check out Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. We only list and endorse services we test over time, after a proven and consistent winning rate. Not every system or signals provider is a scam, but you have to always do your research and make sure that the broker or signals are backed by positive and realistic reviews.

Stay tuned for our next review on a new automated system we’re testing, we will publish the first post on Sunday night before markets open. Those who didn’t lose hope should stay tuned for a real system, based on technical analysis and automation. For all the latest industry updates, be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog. We also encourage those who tried to use or currently trade with Modern Profit Professor to share your feedback and questions below this review, help us deter others from making the same mistake.

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