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Sarah’s Confession

Sarah’s Confession Is SCAM

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The subject of today’s review is the new Sarah’s Confession SLX software. Our team managed to gather enough evidence to conclude that it’s a misleading scam. The website we’re referring to similar to the Quick Cash System we exposed, they are using a ‘MILFactress to convince day-traders that it’s possible to make $60,000 a day, a claim that is literally as far-fetched as it gets! Sarah should instead start confessing about all the lies she is feeding everyone and quit her job as a spokesperson for a shady theft operation.

Why is Sarah’s Confession a bogus scam? To remind our blog readers, we are highly allergic to fake review sites and testimonials by actors. On you will find many of those, including a guy we keep seeing lying with a straight face on many scam services. He is one of themembersfrom Sarah’s Confession..


Even if you choose to ignore the lack of real user feedback, you can’t overlook the imaginary claim that you can generate $60,000/day using Sarah’s Confession. If you multiply your expected daily income by 365 days you’ll reach a number in the 8 figures!!! Sarah is literally trying to manipulate you into thinking that you can make $21,900,000 a year using the toddler! One must be a complete binary options newbie or a wishful thinker to buy into the Sarah’s claims, confessions, lies or anything else that comes out of her mouth. The audacity of this actress, playing along with manipulative script and a straight face is utterly disgusting.

Based on Who.IS the domain was created in November of 2015, a month ago and not enough time for Sarah to generate $7,000,000 if you do the math. Everything about Sarah’s Confession it extremely misleading and any professional day-trader would know that it’s literally impossible to make so much money with any type of automated robots and trading systems. Not every system is a complete scam, such as the SLX software which never existed prior to last month, but we’ll get to it towards the end of the review.

Another serious red flag is the annoying pop-upyou’ve randomly selected to Receive a Free 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Sarah, Creator of Sarah’s Confession for Free. (Today’s value: $9,997 – yours 100% I lirë)” maybe they should learn grammar first and if every single person who lands on this page gets thisexclusiveoffer, how is it random?

Natyrisht, just like with any scam site we expose, membership is limited and only a few spots are left, however it depends on the landing page. This offer is promoted using the same video but on different offer pages, on the main one they included the ‘rushing tacticby placing a ‘memberships leftcountdown widget that keeps going down. Refresh the page, or return on the following day and be sure that you’ll still be granted access.

Vendim: Sarah’s Confession aka SLX software is a SCAM!

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Le’s përballen me atë, we’re dealing with a software with no real credibility or reputation on any authority financial portals and forums. Sarah’s Confession is a money-making scheme and not a binary options software you want to invest your money with. We would certainly appreciate your feedback if you are a currently trading with/or a previous member of the SLX software. We would love to get some honest reports concerning the real ITM performance results day-traders may expect, and any experiences you can share will help inform others who may be considering to join this offer. Our conclusion is solid, and we have a lot of experience debunking scams.

For safer alternatives we invite you to visit Watchdog’s Recommended Signals për opsionet binare. If you’ve been a victim of any fraud associated with online trading, such as the Sarah’s Confession website, please contact us via Watchdog’s Complaint Center and we will gladly assist you with any complaints or disputes at no cost! Thank you for taking a few moments to read this review, please share and help us spread the word!

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