The Trading Compass is a SCAM!! Impressive but Misleading!

The Trading Compass

The Trading Compass Is SCAM

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Logging into the scam website, one cannot help being impressed. This is one of the most nicely designed scam pitch pages we’ve seen. The whole screen is black except for a logo of a lighthouse with the title “The Trading Compass.” Underneath is a place for login and there’s a small New User label you must click on to register. This is minimalistic, Google-style design and we love it. No loud videos, pop-ups jumping at you, fake testimonials and account snapshots, logos of unrelated companies, pictures of dollar bills, vacations, cars, flying pigs etc. We immediately wanted to sign up as a New User to see what’s inside because at least on the outside The Trading Compass scam is beautiful. Joining as a new user requires entering your full name, phone number, email, password and country – like all the similar binary option Auto Traders. This is the first time that we’ve actually entered our full details to sign up because we really wanted to know what’s inside.

Unfortunately, once inside, our aesthetic pleasure terminated abruptly as a loud video jumped up on us featuring an actor explaining the use of the software. The software analyses the market and then provides with signals. You can choose Auto-trade or manual trading. With the Auto-trade feature, the Trading Compass allows you to choose an Invest Amount and the Max number of Auto Trades. The actor explains that auto trading is done according to complex algorithms. Our advice to you is that if you did end up signing with this scam, don’t use this feature. Would you let a robot manage your bank account? Well, your money is on the line here and you should never trust an automation to take care of it, especially in an unpredictable situation such as binary options trading. Trading manually with TradingCompass, you can manually change the invest amount with a minimum of $10. Overall the tutorial video is pretty good in explaining the way the software works and the platform is rather inviting. Obviously, the Trading Compass team has hired gifted designers to create this software, but does it mean it is legit? If you tried it and made consistent profits, please let us know by commenting below this review.


What makes us believe that Trading Compass is a scam are a few features such as when trying to leave the registration window, the following pop-up jumps at you:

Always be worried when a website tries to prevent you from leaving. No legit site will ever do that. Also, we’ve been automatically assigned with a broker that is not trusted. These kind of Auto Traders will never work with a fully EU regulated and licensed broker such as So that’s another major problem with any Auto Trader because even if you end up making money with this software, the broker will always try to make you lose your money and if they can’t, they will hold the money from you when you want to withdraw it.

By the way, there is another Trading Compass scam at, but that one is really lame and idiotic so hopefully no one will fall into that and we won’t have to write another Trading Compass review.

We would like to end this Trading Compass review with an interesting comment we received from one of our loyal subscribers:

“Got an email from Trading Compass about a new auto trader bot. Their live results were showing a 4 to 5 minute delay between trade time and actual clock time. I sent an email about that and they responded that it was just the server they were using and it was no big deal. Thought you would like to see my response to them:

Just got in from a nice dinner for the wife and me and thought I would check in for your reply. No offense, but I don’t think you are being entirely honest with me OR you have the most fantastic software ever made…..without doubt! Why do I say this? I checked your answer for the time difference. It was ‘iffy’, so thought I would also check in to the web site and see how the software did for results today.
Know what I just found? Your ‘live’ account was still showing a 4-5 minute delay between your server and my computer clock. That was not the only thing. Your software was still (supposedly) taking 60 second trades at 7:51 am GMT, 12:55 my time in the Pacific time zone…..!!!!
That’s right! Your software was taking trades with 60 second expiry at 7:51 GMT on a Saturday morning. How is this possible? This has got to be the most fantastic software ever coded in light of the fact that trades were being made when the markets are closed!!!
Now, either you have programmers who are utter geniuses to develop this software or there is something amiss here. Which could it be? Again, no offense, but if I were a betting man (and I am) I would tend to favor the latter.
Please, I am just so curious. Tell me how you can trade during times when the markets are closed and make a profit while doing so. It’s absolutely amazing.
In these days, even though I live in a small valley of only 35,000 people, our produce is delivered to our grocery stores by large semi trucks. There are no more turnip trucks, I did not ride in the back of one of them and I surely didn’t fall out of the turnip truck, contrary to what you may believe.
Sorry, as much as I would like to believe you, I think I will have to pass on this one for now, especially since trading in market off hours has been untested for now. It just sounds too risky.

I haven’t received a reply yet, and I don’t expect one. This is obviously a scam and I suggest both that Watchdog take a look and that everyone stay away. I am.”

To conclude our review: Don’t make a mistake and sign up with a scam such as the Always go with a regulated broker and choose a legit signal service to work with. While you’re testing the signal service, it’s recommended to use a Free Demo Account so that you don’t lose your deposit money in the process. As always we ask you to comment below this review if you had any experience at all with the Trading Compass scam.

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