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iFollow Club Is SCAM

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Sahte David Reed tarafından iFollow Kulüp ALDATMACA katılın, in this review we managed to gather plenty of evidence leading us to a firm and undisputed conclusion. İnternet sitesiifollow.club brought to you by Option Rally and other scam brokers, is a misleading money-making scheme. Everything about the iFollow Club is fake so let’s get straight to the facts.

This bogus offer is presented to binary options traders as a Social Trading Platform, with many great reviews and testimonials by alleged members. When you first navigate to the iFollow Club website you may be impressed but what if we told you that David Reed is not a real software developer or a day-trader with a net-worth of over $8,000,000? The picture you’ve seen on the ifollow.club of David and his golfing friend is a stock image, purchased from ShutterStock.comhttp://www.shutterstock.com/s/golf+couple Visit the link and you’ll quickly realize that David Reed doesn’t exist, using fake images is a common practice by scam services and we can easily detect them via a simple picture search.


Gerçekte, everything about iFollow Club is a big scam, including all the members in the testimonial section. We recognized half of them, basically they were hired from Fiverr.com, which is a marketplace where developers can purchase fake testimonials from people who are willing to lie for a few dollars. John from Toronto is not a real member of the iFollow Club, let’s see if you can recognize the following guy?



This fake member wanted to thank iFollow.Club for helping him with a down-payment for his new house. We’ve seen this guy on so many scam sites, hired to provide scammers with fake reviews. He is one of the biggest actors on Fiverr.com and you may run into him again in the future, in case you’re not already familiar with this scammer. The only nice gig he offers is the one with the Banjo, BanjoMan is talented but other than that he is know to work for anyone who will hire him!

You will also notice that the Twits, Social Shares and everything else displayed on iFollow Club is bogus. There’s nothing to click, all the users and everything is absolutely fake and deceptive. It’s no wonder since Option Rally, an unregulated scam broker, is behind this scam! They are now creating new scams frequently as a way to get inexperienced binary options traders to join them. If you search for Option Rally Reviews, you’ll find that they are a scam as reported by many day-traders on plenty of binary options forums and blogs. We can’t really expect anything they come up with to be legitimate, and as we clearly demonstrated, there’s nothing real about the iFollow.Club social trading fraud.

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Stay safe and always do research before you invest money. Most of all, make sure to stay far away from Option Rally and their deceptive new fraud, hosted on the ifollow.club domain. At BinaryOptionsWATCHDOG.trade We test and confirm the brokers and signals providers we endorse, those who are trading from Europe and outside of the US, should look into our Regulated Brokers page for companies with a long-standing reputation and no negative press.

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