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Traders Revenge

Traders Revenge Is SCAM

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It’s obvious that Traders Revenge is a scam, and after carefully examining the offer we decided to post a review and warn potential victims. The scam that is currently going around, mainly promoted by shady email spammers. is the domain in question and where you will find this bogus software, allegedly owned by a Ryan Jackson.

The narrative starts with how Ryan Jackson is the ex-Starbucks employee who randomly met Vladimir and together they created and developed the Traders Revenge Software. There is one line Ryan says during his presentation of the Traders Revenge scam, and that is “that all other auto traders where they show you screen shots of their accounts are all fake, and as you can I am a real person not some actor behind some fancy sales pitch”. Well here is the thing, Mr Ryan Jackson is just an actor reading a script that was sent to him. How do we know this? Because the very person claiming to be someone he is not, is actually a very well-known actor that has been featured in plenty of other scam systems that we had the pleasure to review, for example, Cobalt Code and Fintech Ltd. The links will lead you to the reviews we posted on the scams where the guy is featured. In all those other scams, he was the one claiming to have made thousands if not millions of dollars trading with those scam auto traders, yet here is warning us against all the one’s he himself featured in.

Ironically this actor is a notorious scam-artists, and will say anything for money.


What we have exposed above in our Traders Revenge Review should already be sending quite a big red flag through everyone’s mind that is even considering this software. Even looking at the other testimonials who were so happy to give their feedback on how they are doing whilst trading with the Traders Revenge Scam system, are all fake, you will be able to find each and every one of them on the same website offering their paid services. All of them including our Mr Jackson claims of being scammed more than once, and have been able to make a success now after trading with the auto trader. However this is not a new approach from scam marketers, this is actually a very well-known approach, and we have heard the story probably over a thousand times by now in most of the systems we have had to review.

Let’s have a look at a couple of more facts that we found during our research for our review to prove that the Software is just another scam being released. Mr. Jackson claims during the pitch video that he has been exclusively using the software now for over 2 years himself, and he has a further 12 beta testers also using the auto trader for the past six months. Sadly whilst doing our investigation we came to realise that the software is no more than three months old since it was only registered on the 08-04-16. Meaning that we are being told one big lie about how successful and consistent the system is. Another piece of evidence we were able to uncover for our review is the so called programmer friend he claims to have by the name of Vladimir. During the Traders Revenge Scam presentation you can see a brief picture of this friend, however when you take the picture and search for it in google, you will come to realise that it is a stolen Facebook pic from a guy actually called John Razmus. We have sent him a message about his, therefore do not be surprised if you later find the photo has been removed from the video.

When it comes to reviews such as the one we have just done on the Traders Revenge Software we can go on and on about what you should and should not trust with these systems, however we do not want to waste your time or ours going over more points than is needed to prove to you that an auto trader is a scam. If you are new to binary options and interested in knowing what exactly we look to find when exposing scam systems such as these, we encourage you to read through some of our reviews and get a good feel for what we look for when classifying a system as trusted or a scam. The only way to truly ensure you do not fall for a scam as many times as the supposed beta testers during the Traders Revenge Scam pitch, is to educate yourself with which sites and traders you can truly trust and follow, in order to ensure your binary options trading experience is the most successful it can be. In the meantime, always do your research, and if you are unsure of the system you are looking at, you are always most welcome to send us a short message and we will investigate the auto trader on your behalf.

Review Verdict: Traders Revenge is a SCAM!!!

Blacklisted website –

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