Снайпер конвергенція-це лохотрон!! Надійна Оцінка!

Convergence Sniper

Convergence Sniper Is SCAM

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Обов'язково прочитайте цей дуже важливий коментар щодо зближення Снайпер лохотрон! The system is currently going viral and we have already received some very worrying feedback from some of our subscribers. Frank Norton the presenter of the Convergence Sniper software is not the brains behind this one, but merely someone who got handed the software, and now have the permission to give it away for free. Don’t let the ConvergenceSniper.com website deceive you, as unfortunately not all is as it seems. If you want to know exactly what you are agreeing to when registering for the Convergence Sniper auto trader then make sure you read our scam review to the end.

Those lovely live testimonials that you are able to see on the Convergence Sniper scam website and during the pitch, are all Fiverr actors. These guys will quite literally say anything you want them to for as little as $5 для 50 words, therefore debunking their reviews immediately. Also you can clearly see Mr Vladimir’s CITI statement where he had over a million dollars in his account in 09/2014, but on the website is another picture in 03/2015 showing only $87k. Now we are aware that you can withdraw your money, but should the system not continue to work so should his account not always be on a steady up stream. Oh and yea, just to throw a further curve ball, the system was only registered in Aug 2015, which is after both the dates previously mentioned.


Honest testimonials and reviews are obviously not available…

Frank Norton had it all, the job, the benefits, the family live, everything. However he was very unhappy as an English Teacher. One day at a teacher’s conference he met Mr Vladimir, an ex-soviet physicist, mathematician and day trader, basically the guy who changed his life forever by handing him the Convergence Sniper scam auto trader. Regrettably you will not find any information on Mr Vladimir as he is a quiet man, and conveniently does not have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn account, or any information on google.

The Convergence Sniper software has been developed to work by following currencies that follow the same correlation. A good example of this is EUR/USD and GBP/USD, if one of them moves up there is about an 85% chance that the other one will move up as well. The same happens in the opposite direction, if one moves down, then chances are the other one will as well. This is actually an excellent strategy to trade if you are trading manually and you know what you are doing. However saying that, Frank claims that the Convergence Sniper auto trader spots these trading opportunities and places the trade on your behalf, because these anomalies apparently happen within seconds, and the human eye and reactions cannot get the trade placed in time. Ignore the warning signs in this review and everything else still makes no sense.

Having said that, there is one big issue that cause great concern when trading with the Convergence Sniper software. Following correlating currency pairs is possible, and as mentioned a great strategy to trade. The problem with the Auto trader or even the presentation whichever one you want blame, is that these events do not happen within milliseconds, they can take up to a couple of hours to follow suit, and we have it under very good authority that the convergence sniper auto trader places trades of 60 seconds exclusively, meaning the system is placing trades way before the event has taken place, and resulting in losing the trades. This has also been the biggest reason for all the complaints we have thus far received.


So now that we have the very thing that is allegedly allowing the Convergence Sniper scam to operate, let’s go into a few more details as to why you should not trust this fraud, and why this review is about to save you your hard earned cash. During the presentation and reading the ConvergenceSniper.com website thoroughly we came across a few anomalies ourselves, up until now we are still not sure what our potential profits is with the system. On one hand Mr Norton is telling us we are able to earn between $500 для $700 a day, which can also be seen just above the presentation video. However on the hand if you look below the video notice how it now states that you can make up to $975 в 5 хвилин?

Systems such as the Convergence Sniper scam are becoming more frequent and traders of today have to be even more careful before they register with a software. This is actually one of the very few we have found to be a scam that actually has a good idea behind it. It is just a shame they had to go and ruin it by telling traders that things work the way they most definitely do not in real live, which leads us to believe they are aiming at novice traders who are not familiar with trading and strategies yet. Doing research is becoming more important, and if you are even in doubt, you are most welcome to comment below this review or send us an email, and we will double check the facts for you.

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Blacklisted website – ConvergenceSniper.com

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Please share your feedback below this review if you have any questions or feedback related to ConvergenceSniper.com or any of the above services we previously exposed. For further assistance with credit card disputes, complaints and other matters you may contact us directly at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to assist you free of charge.

Better alternatives are available for those who seek a serious way to trade binary options, with regulated brokers and reliable signals services. Unfortunately there are many misleading services and we’re seeing many of the same ole’ false advertising again and again. One of the services we recommend is Mike’s Auto Trader, it’s been around for two years now and it’s owned and operated by a real binary options trader and mentor. In recent days members were unable to access to site, we contacted Angela Winfrey and he informed us that his team was adding new features and the website MikesAutoTrader.com was in maintenance mode.

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