Tiền mặt lỗ Hổng là Lừa đảo Hoặc Vn?

Tiền mặt lỗ Hổng là Lừa đảo Hoặc Vn?

Tiền mặt lỗ Hổng là Lừa đảo Hoặc Vn? Là LỪA đảo

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Tiền lỗ Hổng là một lựa chọn nhị phân tự động kinh doanh (hay là nó là một tín hiệu vụ?) lừa đảo, which – in certain ways – improves on the “classic” scam blueprint. Rất tiếc, in other ways, it falls deplorably short and thus ends up flatter than Richard Sellars’ wife’s Yorkshire Pudding. By the time we’re finished with this review, you’ll be confident that your money is not safe with TheCashLoophole.co, the “Exclusive Invite” fraud.


The video itself is by no means a step towards credibility. This Richard Sellars fellow – who could just as well be named Tom Jones or Harry Truman – won’t put his face on his product. Neither will his partner in crime, a certain “Kevin” either. Surely, we have to respect their privacy…or rather, the voice-actors used for the presentation didn’t agree to having their faces shown and thus completely killing off their chances of being used for other such scams or roles of a more academic nature, in the future. The bottom line about the video is that it’s a rather aggravating collection of random scenes lifted from here and there, showing various random people doing things more or less related to what the narrator is purring on about. Most of the presentation is taken up by Sellars’ urging and repeated calls to action, while he’s desperately trying to work up greed in the listeners. He puts down other scammers (not a nice thing to do really, going about thrashing his peers and fellow industry participants), and he attempts to deliver proof towards his own trading results. This proof comes in the form of badly photo-shopped images, which show millions of dollars in his non-existing bank account and trading accounts . This is not a joke: on one of these pictures, there’s actually a 100% Guaranteed stamp pasted on top of the statement, which looks so fake, it makes one wonder whether this is a parody of a scam rather than an actual one.

The phony claims department works overtime in the video presentation too: Sellars says one can earn thousands of dollars a day with his software and pay off a mortgage or buy a new car in a month’s time. He also says at one point, that he realizes all this sounds like it’s too good to be true, and indeed, it is just that. Sometimes these scammers exhibit ironic levels of self-critique.

So what exactly is “innovative” about Sellars’ Cash Loophole scam? We did mention something about that in the beginning of this review. Tốt, first of all, they’ve pulled this never-before-seen trick with their website. On their homepage, they have a message proclaiming that the whole Cash Loophole system has run its course and that it’s no longer available. On one of their internal pages though, everything is available in its full “splendor”. This is quite a bold way of inducing urgency in their would-be victims. Cũng, the actual concept on which the Cash Loophole system is based, is new and quite a breath of fresh air compared to faster-than-light trading systems and various other far-fetched concepts such scams usually make use of. Sellars claims that his auto trader takes advantage of the abusive price-manipulations of less-than-honest binary option brokers. It is through these manipulations that it finds its loopholes to generate profit. While this colossal lie is indeed based on a sprinkle of truth, it is of course still just a big fat one. Sellars conveniently fails to mention that trading with rogue brokers isn’t just hazardous on account of those manipulations. Every one of these brokers has made a habit of not paying out anything…What is the use of racking up tremendous profits (even just theoretically) at such a broker? This isn’t a problem the Cash Loophole system will have to deal with though, because it will never rack up any such profits.

Commonly used trick designed by scam brokers for the purpose of manipulating you to deposit $50,000 in exchange for a matching bonus. The TheCashLoophole.co creators and their shady brokers fail to tell you this one very important fact. Nothing is free in life and you’re definitely not getting $50,000 for free today, tomorrow or ever.


This is where the originality runs dry in the Cash Loophole presentation. Other than these few twists, we’re met with a hail of contradictions, ridiculous claims and hilariously bad voice-acting. Tất nhiên, we’re not spared the tear-jerking, rags-to-riches story either, which is so transparently made-up in this instance, it fails to entertain on the most basic level. Sellars has apparently been betrayed and robbed by his brother, who drove their once-profitable (but otherwise fictitious) catering business into bankruptcy. He then worked a regular, low paying job as a chef in an Italian restaurant, which is where he met his future partner, Kevin, who was already stinking rich off binary options at that point. He developed the TheCashLoophole.co website with this partner, and they planned to release it on Tháng giêng 3, 2017, cho $1,000 per license. Rõ ràng, this is just another one of those traditionally awful urgency-inducing mechanisms. Development allegedly cost them some $300k and it took two years. Interestingly though, some of the “results” displayed in the video, date back to 2014.

Who is this Richard Sellars character really though? A fictitious persona obviously, one that has no anchors to real life whatsoever. He’s a hired voice-actor, who – together with a menagerie of a couple more such actors – has been tasked with pushing this scam down our throats. He stages a hilariously sloppy live test for his software at one point, which succeeds in making two things clear: everyone, everywhere in the world will instantly answer a Skype call. Cũng, the actress voicing the “German woman” character has some way to go before developing a more credible German accent. The bottom line, stay away from this scam!

Xét Phán Quyết: The Cash Loophole is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – TheCashLoophole.co


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