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Lucrosa Software Is SCAM

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Lucrosa là LỪA đảo mới lựa chọn nhị phân kinh doanh tự động đã được mua cho chú ý của chúng tôi. The system supposedly put together by John Lucrosa can apparently generate profits of $7k per day….. Should you have received an email from the advertisers behind the Lucrosa scam, we advise that you unsubscribe from their email list, as they will continue to bombard you with scam promotions going forward. If you are curious as to why we are being so harsh towards the Locrosa software, we encourage you to read our full review and find out why it is better you stay clear of the trang web.

The alleged John Lucrosa, claims that he used to work in Canary Wharf in London for a few hedge fund firms before leaving his job and working from home, teaching people how to trade. He introduces himself as a “Leading Mentor†in the online trading industry. Sadly we cannot confirm if this is true, as we have never heard of Mr Lucrosa before. We have extensive experience in the binary options industry, and by now we know most if not all experts either trading or teaching trading from home, and John was never even mentioned to us, and neither have we seen proof of his so called trading career.

Do you really believe that this lame actor is going to help you make $210,000 a month?!


So how exactly does the Lucrosa software work? We wish we could answer this question, and if this was a trusted auto trader we probably would have been able to explain the details. However due to the fact that this is a scam, and that there is no explanation, all we are offered is a description which goes something like this “the Lucrosa auto trader works with the same secrets as the top guysâ€. That is it, no more, and no less. This regrettably does not install any confidence in us to even give the system a try, considering that every nine out of ten systems launched are scams, surely the scam marketers must know by now, that less is not more.

Let’s have a look at a few more statements and elements we found for our review on the website, proving that the system is nothing but a scam. Well let’s point out yet again the first thing that is very common with scam systems such as the Lucrosa software, and that is the mention by the presenter that he has nothing to sell you, so put away your wallet, ect ect. We used to say if you hear this phrase chances are you are dealing with a scam, however starting today we are switching that to, if you hear this phrase, stop right there as you ARE watching a video for a scam system.

Mr. John Lucrosa stated that the Lucrosa scam auto trader has made each and every person who have been trading with the system, no less than $2.5million each over the last year. Anyhow when you do a little research, like we always recommend everyone does before registering for a system, you would come across the information that the webpage has was only registered on the 24th July 2016, making it just over a month old. How can it be possible then that his traders have generated two and half million over a year, mỗi??

Ngoài ra, the statements in the presentation are plain ludicrous and over the top. During the pitch video you can clearly hear John claim that the Lucrosa software is able to generate any trader that register for the system, no less than seven thousand dollars per day. This as most binary options traders today will know is impossible, regardless if you are a beginner trader, or an expert, and it most certainly cannot be done with an auto trader, and that has been proven time and time again. The only way to get even close to this, is if you’re a very experience trader with a few tens of thousands available to you in your trading account.

To put the cherrie on the cake. If you scroll down the Lucrosa scam website, take note of the lady with the name of Alice Smithers. Should you right click on the picture and say google search, you will notice that she features in some of the other scam auto traders that we exposed not too long ago, by the names of Profit Maker Method, Cloud Trader, 98 Success.

Doing your research has never been as important as it is today. Scammers have become aware on how easy it is to launch bogus systems such as the Lucrosa software, and steal from new traders in the binary options industry. Always be aware of the fast that at least 95% of systems that are launched are a scam, which is why we do all the reviews we do, to stop people from becoming the next victim. If you know someone who is interested in the Lucrosa auto trader or any auto trader for that matter, we encourage you to share our review with them to help ensure traders are aware of the scams that are currently being launched.

Xét Phán Quyết: Lucrosa is a SCAM software!

Blacklisted website –

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The above reviews are all based on facts, please read if it relates to you.

For assistance with complaints against scam brokers and services, as well as handling disputes, you may contact us directly at [email protected] and we will assist you at no charge. Please comment below if you decided to join Lucrosa, your feedback is highly important and can save other traders from losing their money.

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