Zen là một thương nhân LỪA đảo!! Không Thể Chối Cãi Xét!

Mới nhất của chúng tôi scandal dưới ánh đèn sân khấu là ở mức độ thấp lừa đảo, Zen Nhà Kinh Doanh. We say low level because the Zen Trader is painfully obvious to identify as a scam, it’s laughable. Even the anonymous founder of this hoax has to hide behind the pseudonym, The CEO of this garbage describes this new binary options auto trading software as the most advanced auto trading software in the world but it quite obviously isn’t, in this detailed review we’ll show you just why you should stay away from TheZenTrader.co

We started to get tired of Mr Zens lies so we decided to do some research into who he actually was. Within minutes it was quite clear to us that Mr Zen is an iStock photo that can easily be discovered by the easiest Google search known to man. Zen Traders so called testimonials are also all obviously paid actors who have made a handy profit from sitting in front of a camera.

The terrible Zen Trader software claims to offer financial freedom to its members by generating a staggering 94% success rate on all trades. We know that this sort of win rate isn’t possible in the long run, even with the best professional traders in the world. These guys honestly believe that people are dumb enough to accept that you can make around $600,000-$700,000 in the first 4 months from Zen Trader with just a few clicks of a mouse. Does this sound even remotely realistic to you?

From the second you land on the site, the video gives a visitor the unrealistic lifestyle that you’re likely to see in a reality TV show to try and suck you into depositing. On top of this each separate piece of footage shown are all different in terms of the color and quality. This made us certain that most of the videos were pieces of stock footage that were probably purchased cheaply on the internet. Dodgy, đúng? If they were such a profitable company, why wouldn’t they just actually film the video presentation for themselves?

They say the software used for TheZenTrader.co was developed by some of the top analyst and trading researchers who knew typical trading habits. The algorithm used apparently mimics these habits in everyday scenarios. The Analysts created a model based around this and then they created a software around this model. Well that’s exactly what it says on the tin. Too good to be true, đúng? Correct It IS too good to be true. As we mention with every scam that we uncover, it is impossible to achieve such a high ITM rate when trading Binary Options . The algorithms that even professional traders use are constantly changed to meet current market conditions. We cannot reiterate this fact enough.

If you glance just to the left of the Zen Trader presentation, you’ll notice that there are a number of fake certified badges on the website that they are using to try and prove its legitimacy. Zen Trader has carefully placed these to trick their users into believing they have some sort of authority. All they have done is just put random badges saying things like 100% no spam. They’ve also added a McAfee badge. It doesn’t mean or prove anything!

As we have previously mentioned the founder, Mr. Zen has to hide behind an anonymous alias because the dreadful Zen Trader software is so bad. He also does not actually feature in the video presentation aside from a few seconds here and there of his previous life and who he is now. Even some of the worst scams will usually pay an actor to stand in front of a camera to speak. At the very least, they do this to make the platform appear more convincing, however Zen Trader hasn’t even bothered to do that.

If that wasn’t enough we found even more. To add to this ever growing list, the dates mentioned by Zen Trader are way off. The CEO claims that the investors of this junk have been making money since 2015. Wrong! The website’s domain name was actually registered September of 2016 which makes profiting since 2015 a complete lie! This is a HUGE rookie mistake for these scammers. On top of this the website is also registered with a fake name and email address that doesn’t appear to be associated with the company at all. As we continued to do more research we found that Zen Trader also has no proper contact details for a working support team. The only thing they offer is an email address that our users complained they never received ANY response from.


Another gimmick is that the website features a live feed activitysection to somehow try and prove that the traders are actually getting real and profitable trades . Embarrassingly if you unplug your internet connection this system still finds a way to work, proving that this live feed just runs through a random list of preset names. Not only does this make the scam even less trustworthy, it also proves they have to lie about the software results. We also noticed that it doesn’t add up. Zen Trader states that you can make a $500,000 profit but their investors are only making $1,000 a day. Are they hiding something from their loyal customers? We are pretty convinced that they are!

Review Verdict – Zen Trader is a SCAM!

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