二卫骗局拥有通过一个药物经销商! 是骗局

Binary The Binary Defender SCAM is owned by a Drug Dealer! Is a SCAM Binary Options The Binary Defender SCAM is owned by a Drug Dealer! Scam Alert Don't buy The Binary Defender SCAM is owned by a Drug Dealer! Is a SCAM Warning The Binary Defender SCAM is owned by a Drug Dealer! Binary Options Signlas SCAM The Binary Defender SCAM is owned by a Drug Dealer! Be aware from The Binary Defender SCAM is owned by a Drug Dealer! 为什么你不需要签署 : 二卫骗局拥有通过一个药物经销商! Auto Trading Robot The Binary Defender SCAM is owned by a Drug Dealer! Robot The Binary Defender SCAM is owned by a Drug Dealer! 是骗局,或合法的? 二卫骗局拥有通过一个药物经销商! 骗局

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二卫软件网络的一部分的骗局提供了拥有据称约翰*凯恩又名帕特里克*莱恩, a young Canadian resident. BinaryDefender.com is part of a larger scheme and some of the facts we managed to confirm are disturbing, and may possibly be comical to some of you.

Please read this review carefully as it related to the following websites: Binary Ascend, Binary Options Bullet, Binary BrainWave, ForexFury, Forex Robot Nation, Forexrobotreviewer.com, ForexSteam.com, Pssdtreatment.com and now the really interesting site in this web of deception: LegalBuds.ca where Patrick Ryan distributes Marijuana seeds while tricking binary options traders from multiple angles, using fake review sites to promote a bunch of misleading scam services. John Kane is a fake name, however Patrick Ryan is a real person and we managed to track down his LinkedIn Profile for anyone who may have questions for the guy who is responsible for the losses of 1000’s of day-traders. Visit him: www.linkedin.com/pub/patrick-ryan/27/27/494 , we’re clearly dealing with a young guy in his 20’s, talented at creating review sites to protect and positively review the services he owns, how credible is that!?

We don’t have a problem with legal Weed Dispensaries but you can’t trust a guy who hides behind a fake John Kane identity, while selling seeds online. How do we know that all of the above sites are associated with Patrick Ryan? After doing some research we found that Binary Defender, Forex Robot Nation and the popular review site BinaryToday.com are all hosted on the same dedicated VPS server by BlueHost. All are associated with one IP!!! It’s like DNA, there is no way that this is just a big coincidence. 事实上, Patrick Ryan is shooting in every angle using his marketing skills, selling binary options software, weed and PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) treatments, which are allvery much related”…

Whatever he can do to steal money from demanded products or services, you’ll find him taking the opportunity. Chances are this Patrick decided to take out is SSRI sexual frustration on unsuspecting day-traders, of course this is something we are just guessing but you never know. It’s possible that while seeking a cure for his SSRI side affects, he realized, “why not make some money from other people with similar dysfunctions?”…

In some cases we agree with reviews posted on BinaryToday.com just to be fair, but the fact that this guy often defamed reliable services and literally writes positive reviews on services he created himself, is asBernard Madoffas if gets in the binary options industry. How can you trust anything that the alleged John Kane writes in his website? knowing the disturbing facts we uncovered and confirmed, also via 3rd part just to make sure that this review is as accurate as it gets. Luckily after finding the connection between Binary BrainWave, Binary Today, Forex Robot Nation and all the rest, we realized that Binaryoptions.net also uncovered the crook in a forum post.


Crooks often tend to pour salt on the wounds of their victims when confronted with hard facts, and such was the case when the moderators of Binaryoptions.net confronted Patrick Ryan. His response wasI’ve been using the tools successfully for a long time. The software works great for me to SCAM people and I thank you suckers for buying it! 有一个愉快的一天! Thanks, Patrick Ryan/John KaneThis response was confirmed to be posted from Canada in response to a thread on the network of scam services and blogs owned by this ‘nut casescammer. Why would we expect an intelligent response from a crook who owns a network of sites targeting anyone he can, using demanded services and products in various fields?! Can you really be a goodbud sellerand own several binary options services, which he statesare the best in the industry”?

The Magic Brownies eaten by the author of BinaryToday.com made him reckless and disoriented to the point that he burnt himself out completely, like the IS cage video, especially after this review will be out. The days of scamming people with your network of fraudulent sites are over. If you are interested to grow weed plants, you may want to contact John Kane but if you are interested to find a serious way to trade binary options, avoid the Binary Brain wave, Binary Defender, Forex Nation and the rest of the scams this loser promotes. Don’t trust any review written on BinaryToday.com as it’s clearly biased and created to support his own misleading services.

If you have any feedback concerning any of the services or blogs in John Kane’s network, please share your performance, questions and overall experience below this important review. We surely hope that binary options traders will find this warning in time, and if you don’t believe us, you can easily confirm all the websites associated with Binary Defender by doing asimilar sitessearch for IP: 162 144 125 3 and you’ll quickly verify this review. We would never defame anyone before we confirm the facts. We also received many complaints concerning Binary Ascend, Binary Options Bullet and Binary Defender which is why we found it necessary to look deeper into it and find the root cause of the growing problem, we managed to narrow it down to: Patrick Ryan from Canada and he is the guy you should confront if you are not happy with your results, 经纪人, weed or anything else he tried to sell you. Talented crook, he could’ve used his marketing skills to do better things, what a shame!

最后的判决: Binary Defender, Binary Ascend, Binary Options Bullet, Binary BrainWave, ForexFury, Forex Robot Nation, Forexrobotreviewer.com, ForexSteam.com are all scam services in a network of deception owned and operated by Patrick Ryan, the alleged John Kane and the blogger behind BinaryToday.com

After reading this review many of you may be scared to enter the field of binary options and it’s understandable, it pays off to be skeptical. Much too often we receive feedback by traders who lost $100’s and $1000’s of dollars with scams, and in 90% of the cases they didn’t do a Google research in an attempt to locate honest reviews. This is the biggest mistake you can make and we encourage all of our readers to never trust any blog’s recommendation concerning any broker or service before you confirm it on other blogs and by testimonials of real members.

The opinion of one person may be biased and misleading. We do test services and have a Watchdog’s list of signals we recommend but even if you trust us, make it a habit to always confirm an offer before you deposit money!

Watchdog’s list of Binary Options Scams!

Lastly, if you are a beginner, instead of funding an account with a high-risk form of trading, 考虑交易 免费演示的帐户 and test your skills and see if binary options trading is a suitable path for you. Stay away from the above offers and please do share your feedback if you have any useful information concerning the scam network.

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