Trend Trader App is a SCAM!

Trend Trader App

Trend Trader App Is SCAM

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Read More Trend Trader App by Jonathan Miller is marketed as thesingle most powerful auto-trading algorithm.Notice the message that pops-us when you try to exist the website: “Wait before you go! Click ‘stay on this pageto get full access to the exact same system that makes at least $1,350 要 $4,300 every single day!” Right there are two indications that the Trend Trader app is nothing but a scam. 第一所有的, only scam websites try to prevent you from leaving. 第二, don’t believe anyone who guarantees that you will make thousands of dollars every day. This review is kind of late, we must admit. The Trend Trader has been wreaking havoc in the trading community for a couple of weeks now and it’s difficult to assess how many victims it has claimed. 然而, it’s never too late to kill a raging monster and that’s what WatchDog is for. So read this review thoroughly and stay away from the Trend Trader scam!

ATTENTION: This is an imitation of THE REAL TrendTrader AKA Based on real reports and testimonials of trusted industry websites we came to a conclusion that Trend Trader is reliable! Avoid the fake APP we reviewed a few months ago!

Let’s go over the promises as explained on They promise “93% accuracy,” but we’re not buying it because even professional traders struggle to maintain an 80%+ success rates. So never trust anyone who promises you a consistent 93% accuracy rate, especially not using an automated system. The second promise the creators of Trend Trader make is that there will beno risks.If someone tells you that trading involves no risks, you can be sure he is a scammer who is after your money because binary options trading is highly risky! “Over 1,000 successful tradersis the third assurance being made. The funny thing is that this was written on the Trend Trader website since its launch when there were not yet any traders using the system.

Trend Trader isintegrated with multiple, very large financial databases throughout the world and have full access to financial records since 1959 with the ability to recognize patterns of Call or Put of leading assets.That’s the reason Jonathan Miller claims on the video that the software works only with assets who have a long-record of at least 100 年, such as Gold, Crude Oil and Silver. If that is true, then why do we see only currency pairs on thelive tradessection of his website? Maybe because Trend Trader is a scam and Jonathan Miller is a liar and/or probably just an actor who was hired to lie to you!

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The risks involved in binary options trading are not due so much to the trading itself but more because of all the scam systems that are constantly trying to allure you to sign up with them. Trading is a great way to make money but you need to know how to do it right. 开始有一种 免费演示的帐户 and when you are ready to risk real money, choose an EU regulated company, such as or one of WatchDog’s Trusted Brokers. Consider joining a signal service or a community to help you with your trading. To get some ideas, visit WatchDog’s 推荐信号服务 and communities.

If you have tried Trend Trader or any other scam the real version, please share your experience and write a comment below this review.

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