97 Партнеры-это лохотрон!! Обзор, основанный на фактах!

97 Partners

97 Partners Is SCAM

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Профессор Саймон Крэйг-это голос и за 97 Лохотрон партнеры в настоящее время шагает по сети. Whilst watching the video pitch for our review on the system, we are still unable to identify the face or true credentials regarding both the 97% Software and Simon himself. We are quoting Professor Craig when we say “don’t invest a penny until you get solid proofâ€. Regrettably, not only were we unable to find solid proof whilst watching and going over the presentation on the 97Partners.co website for our review, we find it very hard to believe a single word said by the current 97 Partners on this Auto Trader.

During our 97 Partners review were we not only able to find evidence account against them, but have found ourselves asking some very serious questions that have remained unanswered. Starting with the facts that proves the 97 Partners scam are the cases studies first presented. Notice how Iris Christiansen made $591,931.62 in supposedly 1 month back in 2014. Firstly if you only make on average just below $5k a day, how can it jump to that amount. Secondly the 97Partners.co was only successfully registered on the 23rd February 2016 based on Who.Is Domain Lookup, meaning it was not around in 2014, and if it was around, then “Professor Simon Craig” is lying as you will not be receiving the same 97 Partners Software that has made those beta testers the money they claimed to have profited. Everything about this scam is absolutely fake including the other so-called member, Jeremy Collins, who’s been “profiting with 97 Partners for months”, yet when we conducted a quick Google Image Search, we found that Jeremy’s picture is a stock image from ShutterStock.com titled ‘Portrait of a Hansom Bald Businessman in Luxury Interior and this picture is available for sale!

Link for evidence: протокол http://www.shutterstock.com/business-man-in-luxury-interior.html


If you stumble upon positive reviews for this scam, you’ll notice how they fail to disclose facts!

After watching the entire presentation by Simon Craig o the 97 Partners scam prior to the release of this review, we are still unsure of one very critical piece of information, and that is how the software operates. We are aware that we will into a 97% Partnership when registering, and that he was specially commissioned to develop this auto trader for an investment firm. The only story of course we heard during our review of the system is that he programmed this piece of software, and the university basically stripped him of his rights to the 97% Partners software, and was unable to get his hands on it until the five year contract ended.

Furthermore don’t you just love it when systems like the 97 Partners scam use Fiverr actors to attest for their software? Well if you do, you are in luck. В 97 Partners software marketing have decided to go all out and hire enough lying Fiverr.com opportunists that ends up making the entire presentation look like a Fiverr.com advertisement, instead of something that is reliable and trusting for us to invest in. Yes that is right, contrary to what Simon said, that this will not cost you a penny and the risk is all on him, which is untrue. The risk is fully on each and every person that decides to register their details on the 97Partners.co website. Once you register with the software you are expected to fund your broker account with no less than $250 to start trading with, meaning the risk is all on you and not on him. If the system fails, you lose your investment, and there will be no 97% of profits heading your way.

One question we asked ourselves, which you are no doubt asking yourself as well, and that is “Why is he giving 97% из 97% Partners software away, and why not the other way around, give you 3% and keep 97%? Why be over generous and keep the peanuts for yourself whilst making millions for others, in our view it does not make sense. However in all honesty, nothing about the 97 Partners scam makes any sense. We are offered a chance to make lots of money without any real proof or evidence to back up anything Simon said is true, therefore you are practically entering blind into this partnership or agreement, whatever you want to call it. To ensure you stay on the safe side of binary options auto traders and to avoid falling for scams such as the 97 Partners, it is always best to follow the day traders in the industry, stick to their recommendations, and the proof that they provide for what truly works and what does not.

Пересмотр Приговора: 97 Партнеры-это лохотрон!

Blacklisted website – 97Partners.co

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In case you lost money with 97 Partners scam or you have an experience to share, please comment below this warning and help us deter others from joining this useless website. There’s only one guarantee, and that is that you’re bound to lose your money if you choose to invest with a website that is based on a completely deceptive narrative and absolutely no authority on forums and reliable blogs. For help with disputes and complaints you may contact us directly at [email protected] and we’ll gladly assist you at no cost.

For reliable alternatives, we encourage you to visit Проверенные сигналы сторожевой for binary options as we test and confirm the reliability of services we believe have the potential to be profitable for their members. In most cases, we end up concluding that the majority of the offers are engaged in false advertising and don’t offer the ITM trading performance that traders are expecting. NEO2 Software and a few other systems are well-endorsed and have many great reviews all over the Internet, including evidence posted by members on YouTube and other social medias. Visit Watchdog’s NEO2 Software Review if you are interested to trade with honest, verified day-traders who created an extraordinary software that won’t make you a millionaire, but will definitely help you generate profits on 100% Auto Pilot.

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