– A Scam online!

go_shave_affiliates is a binary trading website which boasts about their binary trading software system on which traders can either execute their trade to which they claim an extremely high returns.

This site came into existence in year 2009 and claims to be awarded by the online FOREX 2012. Their website’s first approach claims about fast profits, fast withdrawals and great support but are these promises true? Can we rely on them and is this the best available optiont to opt for in trading system?


What is Goption and how does it work?

GOptions has a highly efficient working website and provides a smooth experience for new users who log in. You don’t need to make any downloads as this software is web-based and can be accessed from any computer with internet connection.

GOption allows an automated version of trading through binary option through Signal Index which is a market place for Binary signal providers. The user needs to fund his/her Goptions accounts to access the signal Index of the signal providers and track their public record on display so that they can also charge a monthly fee for their support. Once the trader chooses his signal provider, all the trades are carried out by him and automatically displayed and copied on the trader’s account.

GOption uses it’s SpotOption platform which is used to respond to more than one type of trader. The new user can use this option to carry out his trade with the support of his signal provider whereas an experience trader can opt for more extensive features. One can start with funding their account with as less as 200$ but the bonuses and earning are limited because of different types of accounts with different facilities.

Goptions also provide 5 different types of trading accounts and VIP account needs a fund deposit of 10000$ on Platinum Account which is very high for any trader to invest in some online business without any guarantee.


Features of Goptions:-

Like any binary trading system that appeals the audience, it is a must that they have an attractive feature to impress their users and convince them to invest in their business. There are few really appealing features of GOptions that are too attractive to be true:-

Fastest Withdrawal Processing:-  The client needs to provide the necessary identification to withdraw their profits and this site claims to have one the fastest withdrawal processing.

GOption Bonuses:- The site claims to offer bonus on different types of accounts and ranges from 25% to 100%. To withdraw the bonus you need to increase your trading volume to 40 times of that bonus which is too high to be true.

GOption Extras:- The autotrading option and the understanding between Signal Index are appealing but the doubts and reviews about this option had made people doubt about it as they don’t appreciate it much.

Efficient Customer Service:- As soon as you sign in the website there is a Live Chat window which pops up to ask you how they can help you which is really helpful. SpotOption also makes it easy for the new traders and experienced one to consider it.

Number of assets and expiry: They claim to offer 200 assets but we couldn’t find any. The maximum assets that are visible and on display are a total of 63 assets on the site. The expiry of this depends from 60 seconds to weekly but by using Pro trader one can modify the expiry time accordingly.

Disadvantages of GOptions

The best way to know anything about the newly launched binary trading system or an established one from years is to search for the reviews from the google to be certain if it is secure and safe. is a site which makes too many false claims as there are many personal reviews about people who have ended up losing their money to their traders.

I was interested in this site as I searched for it’s reviews as it sounded too good to be true. A person can easily use it’s common sense as one goes through it’s site and see for themselves what they are claiming and how true it is. Lets’s dissect these claims to find out what lies beneath and how true they are to their words:-


Claim #1:- Fastest Withdrawal
They claim to offer fastest withdrawal but once you create your account, they request you to claim your withdrawal between Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm which is kind of odd and one cannot request a withdrawal on Sunday adding on to your doubts.

Claim #2:- Bonuses

The amount of increased bonus linked with the type of account make it dubious as it shows that they want the users to invest more to get higher returns along with the bonuses which act as a bait for the users to sign-up and invest.

Claim #3:- Unreliable brokers


There are lots of complains against the brokers who does not pay affiliates to their traders. We can even see many traders expressing their concern regarding the withdrawal as they struggle to withdraw their amounts and have no support from the Customer Service.


Final Verdict against GOptions:-

After carefully evaluating the site and reviews of GOption, I do not feel that this system is true to it’s claims and must be used with caution. The fact that they have a Live customer service support which actually doesn’t respond when you are willing to withdraw makes it a biggest scam and fraudulent. Also, we could find many negative reviews online. We have no proof against this system that it generates the profits they promise on their homepage yet the review columns and forums reveal how this company had succeeded in cheating them with their money and how they were disappointed ultimately. We do recommend that you look for another system that has already proven to be trustworthy compared to GOptions so traders beware, this is a fraud and do you research well before investing in any trading system.




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